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Parenting teenagers is hard! When your teen gets into trouble, it's difficult to know how to proceed. Do you let the child sink or swim, or do you offer help?  Robin Johnson Attorney at Law has been helping families since the 1980s. Our goals are simple: help young people through the legal system safely and get them to a place where they can move forward with their lives.

Attorney Robin Johnson has been advocating for kids in the juvenile justice system for over 30 years. She was selected for the Juvenile Defense panel in Los Angeles for 8 years.


Robin Johnson Attorney at Law tailors our legal solutions to each client's case. We understand that behavior problems affect the entire family, and often refer families to organizations that help families learn to deal with the stress and challenges you are facing.

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You don't have to settle for a court-appointed attorney where you'll be just a case number. Robin Johnson spends the time to get to know her clients and their situation. No case is too small or too big.

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We offer highly personal attention to young people and their parents. We are able to spend the time necessary to get to know our clients and understand their situations fully. We do not practice cookie-cutter law but tailor our legal solutions to each person who comes into our office.


Because youth behavior problems can affect the entire family, we know that guiding a teenager through the juvenile court system is not enough. Our lawyers often refer family members to organizations that can help them learn how to deal with stressful situations and learn positive ways to interact with each other.


It is important to get legal assistance and counsel as quickly as possible if your child gets caught in the juvenile system. To schedule a free initial phone consultation with a local juvenile lawyer,  Call us at 951.676.1962

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