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Determined DUI Defense

A drunk driving charge is never welcome, but if you find yourself in those circumstances, reach out to experienced defense attorney Robin Johnson. She has the experience to know the best defense and can advise you on your options. Robin Johnson Attorney at Law understands the complexity of repeat DUIs and builds a strong defense for those facing repeat offender charges. We offer FREE initial consultations.


If you are facing DUI charges and this is not your first offense, you could be facing some very serious consequences. In California, any driver convicted of a second, third, or subsequent DUI within 10 years faces increased penalties.

  • 2nd DUI – License suspension for up to 2 years, up to 1 year in jail, fines between $1,800 and $2,800

  • 3rd DUI – License suspension for up to 3 years, up to 1 year in jail, fines between $1,800 and $2,800

  • 4th DUI – License suspension for up to 4 years, up to 3 years in jail.  The District Attorney can file the 4th DUI as a felony.

DUI repeated offense penalties

We've helped many clients charged with repeat DUIs to avoid conviction. We'll challenge the evidence and the validity of your traffic stop. If you're found guilty, we'll work on your behalf to minimize the penalties. In some cases, we make recommendations for alternatives to jail.

Minimized penalties

No case is too big or too small. See for yourself the personal, caring service Robin Johnson will give your case.

Call for a FREE consultation on how we can assist you in your case.


If you have a drunk driving conviction within the last 10 years here are the penalties you face if convicted again:

In addition to these penalties, a repeat DUI offender may be required to attend DUI school, do community service, and suffer other penalties at the judge’s discretion.

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