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By robinjohnso19628844, Jun 20 2017 05:14AM

It is common for the term “burden of proof” to be thrown around in conversations, but what does it mean for a criminal trial? This phrase refers to the duty of the prosecution to prove the facts of the case, showing that the defendant is guilty.

Proving Facts during a Trial

In a trial setting, facts are presented and then both sides work to either credit or discredit the facts. When someone is charged with a crime, the prosecution has the burden of proving the guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The only way a conviction will happen is if there is enough evidence to support the charge.

So, the prosecution will present each piece of evidence, and then provide the best argument to show why the evidence is irrefutable.

Even though there are checks and balances in the court system, it doesn’t always work perfectly. There are times when a guilty person might walk free because there isn’t enough evidence for a conviction. A good defense attorney will look for the best strategies to discredit the evidence that is presented. By showing that the evidence doesn’t prove guilt without a reasonable doubt, then the decision could be made in favor of the defendant.

Analyzing the Provided Evidence

If a case goes to trial, then the jurors will need to evaluate the evidence to determine if the defendant committed the crime. This process involves thorough consideration of each piece of evidence and the arguments that are presented by the attorneys. When the evidence lines up, then a guilty verdict will be given.

But, if there is a juror with “reasonable doubt,” then the jury can’t deliver a guilty conviction. The evidence will be re-evaluated until a firm decision can be made by the entire jury.

A good criminal defense attorney will be able to show the evidence in a way that leaves reasonable doubt, helping the defendant to avoid a guilty charge. For help with an upcoming criminal case, talk to one of the leading attorneys in the area: Robin Johnson. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the ways these services can improve the outcome of a case.

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