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Defending Your Rights Against First, Second and Third Strikes in California

California’s Three Strikes Law treats serious and violent crimes as strikes.  If convicted of a crime that falls under this sentencing scheme, you face a lengthy prison sentence and a prior conviction that will enhance any future sentence.  If you are charged with such a crime, you should immediately contact an experienced Criminal Lawyer like Robin Johnson.


In California serious and violent crimes can be charged under a harsh sentencing scheme known as the “Three Strikes Law” and assigns punishment as follows:

  • For a first strike, you may have to serve 85% of your prison sentence (instead of the normal 50%).

  • If you receive a second strike, your prison sentence automatically doubles, and you must serve at least 80% of the sentence.

  • On the third strike, you may be in prison for the rest of your life, ineligible for parole until you have served at least 25 years of your sentence.

At the Law Office of Robin Johnson we counsel clients on the effect of pleading guilty to a violent crime to avoid the possibility of jail time. Clients almost never realize that even if they don’t get prison time for an actual conviction, it is still generally counted as a strike (for purposes of the three strikes rule) that stays on their record for the rest of their lives.  Clients charged with violent crimes throughout the Temecula Valley rely on our firm for aggressive defense in even the most serious charges.   She may also be able to have prior strikes dismissed, resulting in a shorter sentence for you.

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